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"""Operations on multiple Datasets
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Union, List, Set, overload
from copy import deepcopy
from warnings import warn
    from typing import Literal  # pylint: disable=ungrouped-imports
except ImportError:
    from typing_extensions import Literal
from numpy import concatenate, repeat
import rsatoolbox
    DESC_LEVEL = Union[Literal['obs'], Literal['set']]
    from import Dataset, TemporalDataset

def merge_datasets(sets: List[TemporalDataset]) -> TemporalDataset:

def merge_datasets(sets: List[Dataset]) -> Dataset:

[docs]def merge_datasets(sets: Union[List[Dataset], List[TemporalDataset]] ) -> Union[Dataset, TemporalDataset]: """Concatenate measurements to create one Dataset of the same type Only descriptors that exist on all subsets are assigned to the merged dataset. Dataset-level `descriptors` that are identical across subsets will be passed on, those that vary will become `obs_descriptors`. Channel and Time descriptors must be identical across subsets. Args: sets (Union[List[Dataset], List[TemporalDataset]]): List of Dataset or TemporalDataset objects. Must all be the same type. Returns: Union[Dataset, TemporalDataset]: The new dataset combining measurements and descriptors from the given subset datasets. """ if len(sets) == 0: warn('[merge_datasets] Received empty list, returning empty Dataset') return[]) if len({type(s) for s in sets}) > 1: raise ValueError('All datasets must be of the same type') ds0 = sets[0] # numpy pre-allocates so this seems to be a performant solution: meas = concatenate([ds.measurements for ds in sets], axis=0) obs_descs = dict() # loop over obs descriptors that all subsets have in common: for k in _shared_descriptors(sets, 'obs'): obs_descs[k] = concatenate([ds.obs_descriptors[k] for ds in sets]) dat_decs = dict() for k in _shared_descriptors(sets): if len({s.descriptors[k] for s in sets}) == 1: # descriptor always has the same value dat_decs[k] = ds0.descriptors[k] else: # descriptor varies across subsets, so repeat it by observation obs_descs[k] = repeat( [ds.descriptors[k] for ds in sets], [ds.n_obs for ds in sets] ) # order is important as long as TemporalDataset inherits from Dataset if isinstance(ds0, return measurements=meas, descriptors=dat_decs, obs_descriptors=obs_descs, channel_descriptors=deepcopy(ds0.channel_descriptors), time_descriptors=deepcopy(ds0.time_descriptors), ) if isinstance(ds0, return measurements=meas, descriptors=dat_decs, obs_descriptors=obs_descs, channel_descriptors=deepcopy(ds0.channel_descriptors) ) raise ValueError('Unsupported Dataset type')
def _shared_descriptors( datasets: Union[List[Dataset], List[TemporalDataset]], level: DESC_LEVEL = 'set') -> Set[str]: """Find descriptors that all datasets have in common """ if level == 'set': each_keys = [set(d.descriptors.keys()) for d in datasets] else: each_keys = [set(d.obs_descriptors.keys()) for d in datasets] return set.intersection(*each_keys)