Plotting RDMs

The main function for showing RDMs is rsatoolbox.vis.rdm_plot.show_rdm(). It is illustrated in Visualising RDMs with the 92 images dataset. It allows relatively detailed plotting of both individual RDMs, as well as combined figures with multiple RDMs. For examples on adding overlays or contours to the plot, see Annotated RDM plots.

Scatter plots

Sometimes it may be helpful to display an RDM using a two-dimensional scatter plot. This requires that the multi-dimensional structure of the RDM is reduced. RSAtoolbox offers various functions for making such plots:

Ploting model evaluations

Results objects can be plotted into the typical bar plot of model evaluations using rsatoolbox.vis.plot_model_comparison. It takes a Result object as input and does all necessary inferences based on the uncertainties stored in the results object. It provides many options for changing the layout and the inferences performed.